A Yellow Watering Can

Sometimes, faithfully nurturing relationships with the people God has entrusted specifically to our care gets mundane. The seemingly menial task of filling a can with water and taking it to each plant regularly is vital to healthy growth. If we do not intentionally water and edify, relationships begin to wilt.

Our lives as Christian women can be compared to a watering can – a vessel filled with the Holy Spirit, pouring out the Water of the Word to encourage growth and speak life to others.


Soul Comforts

“In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.” -Psalm 94:19 This morning, I awoke with a “multitude of MY thoughts.” Picture a whirlwind, swirling many thoughts of the day ahead, thoughts of burdens of those I love, thoughts of my own insufficiency, thoughts of special events planned, etc… Before my Read More