“The Teacher”


“Lord, who am I to teach the way

To little children day by day,

So prone myself to go astray?


I teach them knowledge, but I know

How faint they flicker and how low

The candles of my knowledge glow.


I teach them power to will and do,

But only now to learn anew

My own great weakness thru and thru.


I teach them love for all mankind

And all God's creatures, but I find

My love comes lagging far behind.


Lord, if their guide I still must be,

Oh, let the little children see

The teacher leaning hard on Thee.


~ Leslie Pinckney Hill


If ever I knew this was true, 'tis now: I cannot do anything, namely teach my children, without God's help and power.

Click on this link to watch a song video of one of my favorite songs:  I Could Not Do Without Thee .

One thought on ““The Teacher”

  1. Susan Hall says:

    This poem was a blessing and puts into words the feelings of homeschool moms who shoulder many responsibilities and yet we KNOW we are so weak and fail so often. Very encouraging poem!

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