Your Room Is Magic!

Sunday afternoons vary at our house, but this particular Sunday was perfect for three little brothers to nap in my room.  I was not feeling well, and it was just easier. Going to get them settled in their room meant the high possibility of having to re-enter their room at some point due to the Read More

Change in America

This photo was taken at a local park here in Texas. It reminds me of how the direction of the wind can change, and more specifically, the directions of changes in our country. If we are going to make positive changes in our country, I agree with our former President Ronald Reagan who said, "All Read More

Old Truth for Young Men & Women

"So let your light shine that men may admire neither the lamp-stand nor the wick, but the glory of the light of God radiating from you. Such a soul will be true, v. 17; will be wise, v. 18; will eschew tale-bearing and flattery, v. 19; will honor the parents that gave it birth, v. Read More

To My Children

In the season of life which my motherhood has me right now, I have many moments of reflection. I came across "Reflection of a Mother" recently, and it verbalizes what I want my children to know. When our children are small, we spend much physical effort directing, protecting, teaching, working, etc. while they are growing Read More

Snack Attack

Do you ever have family members with multiple snack attacks in one day? From my experience in homeschooling several children, I know that home schooling is not just schooling. It includes preparing meals and cleaning more often than if you were not living in the house all day, and much more. Snack attacks can become Read More

Mothers – In the Midst of Doing It All

Does your house ever seem like it is "GRAND CENTRAL STATION"? Mine does quite often. With nine children ranging from college-age to preschool-age in our family, there is no lack of activity, noise, challenges or chores. It was never in my dreams to have a large family, but just how God LED and BLESSED our family. I do Read More

Rain, Small Feet, & Courageous Moms

  This past week, Spring brought some rain showers our way – of the gentle sort – not of recent tornadic nature. Those type of showers call to children {of all ages}, "Come! Feel the raindrops falling on your head! Come! Soak your feet in the mud puddles! Come! Get your clothes wet!" On this day, my husband Read More