My Family Names

On a recent day that creative inspiration visited me, a can of red paint, a piece of kindling and my Cricut machine all met together. Without much thought or effort, this rustic family name sign was created – perfectly resting above the fireplace where it was originally headed.  "A GOOD name is rather to be Read More

Snack Attack

Do you ever have family members with multiple snack attacks in one day? From my experience in homeschooling several children, I know that home schooling is not just schooling. It includes preparing meals and cleaning more often than if you were not living in the house all day, and much more. Snack attacks can become Read More

The Parsonage Project ~ The Breakfast Nook

This past New Year’s Eve, our family moved into the recently purchased parsonage of our church where my husband serves as the assistant pastor. It is an older, custom built, spacious home full of lovely potential!  With age, comes the need for repairs and updates. One project on the update side is the Breakfast Nook. Read More

Dirty Dishes – Dishwasher Dilemma

While homeschooling several children, we could have run the dishwasher up to three times on a normal day (normal -what is that?). Now, we usually run the dishwasher once a day which leaves us with minimal handwashing considering the amount of kitchen preparation, cooking and serving that comes along with a larger group. "Where no oxen Read More