Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 14

My Bible Reading Challenge 60 is completed! It could be correctly renamed “Bible Reading Challenge 96” as it took me 96 days instead of 60. Time does not permit me to share all the wonderful Truths found in these books. I am convinced that I need to saturate my mind with God’s Word. When I have God’s Word filling my mind, I am strengthened for the bumps in the road of life that come.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 13

My Bible Reading Challenge is 89 percent completed! This week has been a “Gospel” week! Reading through the Gospel books – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- has kept my heart nearer the Cross. I trusted Jesus Christ to be my Savior when I was nine years old. The Cross was very real to me as I realized my sins had  been nailed to a Cross. As years go by, it is easy to “know” what Jesus did for me, but to let the amazing work that He began in me become an annual fact rather than a daily celebration of new life! 

The Cross Point

In my Bible Reading Challenge 60, part of the challenge is reading straight through from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation on a faster than normal schedule. Finally reaching the New Testament in my reading is a point that delighted me. The day that I “crossed over” into the New Testament, I happened to be reading my Bible at our family dining room table. The Saturday was unusually and thankfully quiet. The winter air was chilly outside, yet there was a warmth I felt from the sunshine pouring in the nearby front window. With my handy dandy phone, I took a picture to record progress and to display where the ribbon marker was in relation to the whole Bible. When I reviewed the picture, I realized that the shadow of the window panes pictured a cross over my open Bible. Thus, I titled this post “The Cross Point.” 

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 12

I assumed that reading through these books would be easy reading in my Bible Reading Challenge 60, but it was not so. One verse that is encouraging to keep before me this year is Micah 6:8.  In light of the LORD’s goodness to me, I need His Truth saturating my life in order to do justly; I need His love in order to be merciful; and I need a proper perspective of my Most High God in order to live humbly before Him.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 11

The books of Ezekiel and Daniel brought me to seventy-one percent of completing this Bible Reading Challenge. Throughout the book of Ezekiel, the theme seemed to be that God does things in order that “ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD.” (13:9) He cannot bless unrighteousness, and He must judge unrighteousness. He is no respecter of persons or countries. The book of Daniel reminded me of the person of Daniel, the purpose He had within his heart, and the position of service in helping the king.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 10

January seems to be a fitting month to be reading Jeremiah and Lamentations. After the busyness of family gatherings and fellowship with friends, and numerous activities in November and December, January brings us back to routines. This is a good thing. Winter weather, shortened daylight, and maybe a return to the pressing cares of life seem to bring on the blues for many. Certainly, just watching the news can send us spiraling downward into sadness over the evil prevalent today. What a perfect time of year to meditate on the new mercies that God has for us. New mercies every morning – think on that!

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 9

My goal was to read the Bible through in 60 days, but it has turned out that I have read 60% of the Bible in 60 days! So I will continue reading and aim to finish reading the remaining 40% of God’s Word in the next 60 days! I wish I had attempted this Bible Reading Challenge 60 long ago. It is helping me in many ways. A few include accountability, flexibility, discipline, schedule & priority awareness, listening, studying, and more. Try it! You’ll like it!

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 7

This week, my reading is past the halfway point in the Bible. Psalms and Proverbs are some of my favorite books in the Bible. Even though I have read them through more than any other books in my lifetime, there are still new, fresh Truths that God teaches me. This Bible Reading Challenge 60 has Read More