Pretending Hurts.

Pretending hurts ________________. Fill in the blank. Pretending helps NO ONE, including the pretender. My friend Amy has addressed a destructive root problem that limits relationships, hinders spiritual growth, and confuses people sincerely seeking the Lord. Amy provides some guidelines that are very helpful, and kindly gave me permission to share here. “Critics never want Read More

Christmas Gifts – From the Heart

Mary, the mother of Jesus must have possessed these gifts in her heart throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery of Baby Jesus. Think about the gifts she was able to give to her Son – Jesus – BECAUSE — HE was her Gift.    While we desire and attempt to give good gifts at Christmas, let’s Read More

Christmas Gifts & Teachers

This morning, my children were loaded with teacher gifts as they left for school. It is humbling to realize how many hours of life teachers and coaches give to helping students. Many hours are spent unseen – preparing, praying, planning, working, grading, etc… The hours turn into months and on into years of faithful service. In Romans Read More