Stay Between the Lines

When my child was learning to color, I often said, "Stay between the lines." {Practice improves skill.}  Prayer: Lord, please help my child to be teachable that he/she will come to know You and become disciplined to walk with You. When my child was learning to drive, I said, "Stay between the lines." {Rules and Read More

Christmas Gifts – From the Heart

Mary, the mother of Jesus must have possessed these gifts in her heart throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery of Baby Jesus. Think about the gifts she was able to give to her Son – Jesus – BECAUSE — HE was her Gift.    While we desire and attempt to give good gifts at Christmas, let’s Read More

To My Children

In the season of life which my motherhood has me right now, I have many moments of reflection. I came across "Reflection of a Mother" recently, and it verbalizes what I want my children to know. When our children are small, we spend much physical effort directing, protecting, teaching, working, etc. while they are growing Read More

Words ~ From the Heart

“What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally!” This quote has circulated across my eye gate a few times, and it is truth. Talking about others in derogative ways is damaging. Jesus would never talk this way to or about someone. In churches, what is the reason for division? Are new Read More

Mothers – In the Midst of Doing It All

Does your house ever seem like it is "GRAND CENTRAL STATION"? Mine does quite often. With nine children ranging from college-age to preschool-age in our family, there is no lack of activity, noise, challenges or chores. It was never in my dreams to have a large family, but just how God LED and BLESSED our family. I do Read More

Rain, Small Feet, & Courageous Moms

  This past week, Spring brought some rain showers our way – of the gentle sort – not of recent tornadic nature. Those type of showers call to children {of all ages}, "Come! Feel the raindrops falling on your head! Come! Soak your feet in the mud puddles! Come! Get your clothes wet!" On this day, my husband Read More