He Knows. He Will Do It.

  "I do not know how the great loving Father will bring out light at last, but He knows, and He will do it." -David Livingstone  "God has been faithful. He will be again." These lyrics from the song "He's Always Been Faithful to Me" immediately came to mind when I read this quote this morning, as Read More

Mother’s Day Gifts – A Mother’s Ring

Several of my family members – my husband, children, parents, aunt & uncle – really surprised me this Mother's Day! Together, they gave me a beautiful ring ~ a Mother's Ring! We had several family members visiting from out-of-town, and my thoughts were busy on blessing them with a Mother's Day lunch, enjoying all my family Read More

Bring Back the Springtime

Who doesn't love sweetly chirping birds, green foliage pushing up through the earth, and specks of colored blossoms dotting yards and roadsides? I love spring. It signifies new life – a breath of “fresh start.”   It seems that the older I get, the winters seem to be so long. The dull colors outside blend Read More