He Knows. He Will Do It.

  "I do not know how the great loving Father will bring out light at last, but He knows, and He will do it." -David Livingstone  "God has been faithful. He will be again." These lyrics from the song "He's Always Been Faithful to Me" immediately came to mind when I read this quote this morning, as Read More

Wounded in Battle

Have you ever found yourself in one of these categories mentioned in "The Faith Chapter" – Hebrews 11:38?  wandering about? (going in circles, unsettled) destitute? (failing, lacking, inferior) afflicted? (pressed, troubled, distressed, compressed) tormented? (mistreated, oppressed, plagued)  If you can relate to any of these places, read this encouraging post "The Band of Others" by Pastor Tim Cruse. No matter the Read More

“God Sends Little Comforts”

     God sends little comforts along with some pain, Like a redbird in flight or a gentle, steady rain. Just little things bring unexpected delights: A meaningful word said, a beautiful sight.   A Divine appointed meeting, a loving note received, A tender expression given, a lost item retrieved. The absolute working of God in a loved one's heart, Just Read More