Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 5

Week 5 marks the least amount of weekly reading thus far, yet full of rich, applicable treasures. Nehemiah held some “Aha” verses – as if they were written to give me understanding of the times in which I live now. Esther needs no promotion – what a beautiful picture of courage and grace. Job, in the midst of losing more than I ever have – not only remained faithful to God, but also spoke confidently to his “friend judges.” He understood that God sovereignly allowed his life to be touched by great pain, and He trusted His God to be good.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 4

Bible reading is a challenge at times. It seems that when I need the most nourishment from God’s Word is when my life seems like it is on the run! It is a proven fact that “fast food” and “eating on the go” are not healthy habits. Applied to spiritual nourishment, neither “fast food” or “eating on the go” are healthy habits for the soul. Nonetheless, as our bodies need food daily, so do our souls. I am one-third of the way to my goal of my Bible Reading Challenge 60.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 2

My reading record for week 2 is listed below. I have found that I can read faster using a Bible reading app on my phone, quickly highlighting verses that I want to mark. Then, when I have more time, I can mark the same verses in my own Bible and jot quick notes in my journal. I still prefer using my own Bible, turning the physical pages, marking and journaling as I go.

Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 1

In October, I was challenged by different people to read my Bible through cover – to – cover in 60 days. Through watching my oldest daughter Joy diligently make time for “reading” (in 90 days), and hearing a Revive Our Hearts radio podcast encouraging reading the Bible cover to cover, the Holy Spirit led me to attempt to read God’s Holy Words to me in 60 days.

My Prayer: A Sound Heart

Psalm 119:80 "Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed." With a minimal browsing of the news of current events, one's heart can be overwhelmed. Some news stories can make one physically sick because of the intentional evil done. This is not going away. II Timothy 3:13 states, "But evil Read More

Your Room Is Magic!

Sunday afternoons vary at our house, but this particular Sunday was perfect for three little brothers to nap in my room.  I was not feeling well, and it was just easier. Going to get them settled in their room meant the high possibility of having to re-enter their room at some point due to the Read More